Welcome to Cool Foods of North Florida

The North Florida Frozen Refrigerated Food Association (NFFRFA) has a rich and successful heritage in the market of bringing a wide variety of products and category knowledge that our membership employs to the local marketing area.

The organization dates back to 1982, originally started as part of an annex of the Central Florida Association. In 1985 it became a part of the Jacksonville Food Brokers Association promotional merchandising arm, and after 6 years became a standalone organization. In 1988 the North Florida Frozen Foods Association (NFFFA) was formed, and in 1995 it was incorporated. At the same time, the NFFFA established the NFFFA Doug Milne Scholarship Fund as a 501c3 Corporation, for the sole purpose of giving back to the community through local 4-year college and university scholarships to students that qualify. To date, we have donated approximately $400,000 to around 200 students.

In 1995 NFFFA changed its name to the North Florida Frozen Refrigerated Foods Association (NFFRFA) which reflected the National NFRA adding Refrigerated/Dairy Manufactures to its membership. Read more about us here.